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Noteworthy nominated Gen X as the coolest generation ever, not that anyone cares. Dubbed the middle child generation, mostly because we're overlooked...again. We have finessed the art of sarcasm; adopted it as a language of love, annoyance & our primary form of communication.

So when reality bites, light a Gen X candle, inhale and remember; we don't give a fu*k.

Kinder Kandles brings you Latchkey, "key" being a great reminder that if you ever forgot yours, you were going to be chillin' outside or acquiring a new set of skills to get in. Topped with eucalyptus & lavender, in the heart you'll discover a resinating pine followed by a woody base of cedar & rosemary. 

Certainly not be overlooked is Nostalgia. That first day of summer, This candle captures the scent of fresh cut grass & the realization that the next 12 weeks were YOURS. Freedom & memories.

Saturday Morning needs almost no description, but since that's sort a lame way to leave this open for interpretation, just understand that if you think of Saturday morning in the form of fruit loops cereal & cartoons --you'll be right. 

The one thing we don't talk about are The Woods. If you want to know, you have to find out for yourself. 

Now that the "kids" are using words like Vintage as a way to describe our kick ass generation, I had to throw in a vanilla scented candle. Pay respect to all the things vanilla from our generation (ya know, Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Fields, Vanilla Ice...)

~Don't you try and pretend, It's my feeling we'll win in the end...don't you, forget about me. *Simple Minds

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