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TikToker Cereal Killa "U must be my LUCKY CHARMS, cuz you shine on me wherever you are!" #breakfastclubbers

YOU have to snag one of these comical play on words Cereal Killa candles. Choose from classic Fruity  Pebbles, or Fruit Loops--maybe spice is more your thing? Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the win! Don't forget a seasonal FAV with Boo Berry or the BRAND NEW chocolatey scent of CoCo Poofs

Each custom Cereal Killa candle comes adorned with it's very own butcher knife charm stabbed into the wax & a bag of cereal bits to pour into your cereal candle!  

All TikTok Collab candles come with a free gift (while supplies last) or a discount on your next purchase!

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