One of a Kind(er) Room Spray & Car Freshies

One of a Kind(er) Room Spray can be used in the car, in the bedroom, office, kitchen, well pretty much anywhere!

Last minute company? Not ready to wash the linens but need a re-fresh? Maybe unwanted scents wafting from the poo poo room? Cooked onions for dinner & now the house smells like sweat for days?

Don't stress! Just pick up One Of A Kind(er) scented sprays, give some spritz and take a deep breath, only this time you'll enjoy the smell.


NEW! Car Freshies Spray available in 5 must have scents!

Coming soon, a hanger version for your vehicle. *Stay tuned*

Shake well before using, test a small area before widespread use. Not intended for use on the body.

Size: 2.7oz Material: Aluminum, fine mist spray nozzle.