Kinder Man

Don't worry fellas! We know men like candles & smell goods too! Kinder-Man has you covered with a unique Kinder-Man line that is sure to get the desire you're going for!

Kandles: available in 12oz classic jars; Kinder-Man Kandles are blended with bold, earthly and sultry notes. Take for example the #1 Kinder-Man Kandle: Whiskey Neat, it's steeped in a complex-woodsy scent with hints of rum, musk and balsam. If the outdoor smell isn't your vibe then you may just need to light up Clean Shaven which has a refreshing blend of citrus and herbs.

Cologne: Available in 2.7oz spritz bottles. Kinder-Man Scents are not designed to be overpowering, just enough to turn someones head. Try our new Palo Santo scent, it's said to help ward off negative energy & promote well being. Now that's a scent someone would want to get next to! No matter what you may gravitate to, the Kinder-Man has a one of a kind, unique blend for you!