Limited Supply Scent Chart

Whiskey Neat: This modern blend is hands down the smoothest scent. It's a bit woodsy, hints of musk with infusions of natural essential oils, including fir needle, peppermint & palmarosa.

Five O'Clock Shadow: A classic scent to remind you of your favorite fella...a delicious blend of tobacco, vanilla and tonka bean. 
Just Lavender: Really wish there was more that could be said, but it's Just Lavender. A nice, light and yet rich lavender.
Simply Inspired: So simple yet it's layered in complicated. It's inspiration in a candle; notes of sandalwood and sage citrus, this blend will have you guessing which scent you notice most. 
Oh.My.Blueberry Geez-Cake: Thank goodness you cannot eat candles. This Blueberry cheesecake smells so edible! YUM.
Fruit Snack: Childhood nostalgia in a candle! Scented with fruit slices--if you really need a good point of reference, open a package of mixed berry fruit snacks. 
Cherry Lane: Craftily blended with Wild Cherry & Cool Mountain Air, Cherry Lane transports you to cherry harvest season. The wild cherry is sweet and the cool mountain air adds the crisp notes to mellow out the sweetness, you can catch hints of bergamot, lavender, cedar, oakmoss and eucalyptus and of course cherry!