Second Chance

I don't know about you--but I'm kinda into 2nd chances! I mean let's be honest; we've all probably earned some. So WHY NOT let the candles get a 2nd chance?

All of the 2nd chance Kinder Kandles have been a candle before. The containers have been donated back, or ones we've used personally.*

THE BEST NEWS--You can purchase a 2nd chance Kinder Kandle for 1/2 the price of a new one. Win/Win!

So how does it work? We wanted to keep shaking things up & and prefer to go against the "norm" when it comes to the candles we curate, so we figured why not keep going!?! Select your size/style/type container & then a scent profile**--kick back & let us do the rest! 

*Limited to stock on hand, if you don't see your style/size, continue to check back. Sizes, styles  & scent will vary based on inventory.

**See scent wheel/chart attached