Kinder Melts

We are so excited to welcome these cute little wax melt cubes into the Kinder Melt family! These adorable little cubes are great for filling those small pluggable wax warmers you often find in the bathrooms that are often overloaded with just one of the normal sized cubes. 

But don't worry! We still have our amazingly scented wax bricks available for purchase, now you just get to try and choose between the wax bricks or the melts in a jar... OH heck, get them both! 

Kinder Melts Brick- 3oz 

Kinder Melts in a Jar - 4oz (re-fills available for locals)


Dealers Choice is "surprise me" & will not be one of the scents already available.  If you have a preferred scent profile (ie: no food smell, no musk etc...) please click the "chat" icon or email us at