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I like things to smell good. It's a vacation for my nose; I'm instantly transported to a favorite time of year or place. It's satisfying when someone comes to our home and says "Oh wow! It smells great in here". One thing my husband has said over the years is "There's no place that smells like home". He's the kind of guy who can appreciate that I want our home to smell good, comfortable and welcoming. 

I realize it may not be something that most people think about--if their home smells welcoming or not, but it happens to be one of the first things I notice when I enter places. Plus having a kid who is extra aware of the various scents around him (even if I can't smell it) always makes me wonder how many of us are there? 

I would guess by the massive volume in sales that B&BW, Glade, Airwick etc... do for the various "smell good" home products, there are probably a lot of us out there. 

So when am I going to get to the exciting news!???! Okay, okay, okay, here we go!

I will be launching One Of A Kind(er) scented sprays in the near future. These sprays will be available in 2 sizes, much like the One Of A Kind(er) Yoga Mat Wash--but buckle up buttercups because these One Of a Kind(er) scented sprays will be available in MOST of your favorite Kinder Kandle scents. 

So watch for the launch of our newest addition to the KinderbyALesha family!

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